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40-60kg/h small floating fish feed production line
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Сообщение 40-60kg/h small floating fish feed production line 
Extruder for fish feed production process is deliberately made for special feed, which needs high in-shape rate and good-looking appearance.
Fish feed production process is mainly used for sinking/floating/slow sinking fish feed.

Working Process of fish feed processing line:
Feed Crusher →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Feed Dryer

The crushing process is one of the main processes in a feed factory. The purpose of crushing is to obtain feed suitable for making high-quality feed and most suitable for animal digestion. Go to see the feed mixing machine.
The crushing quality directly affects the comprehensive cost of feed production quality, output and power consumption, and also affects the inherent quality and feeding effect of feed.

So you can see the details of the feed crusher machine in LIMA.
After the materials are crushed and batched, they must be mixed. The mixing uniformity of the mixer is very important in feed processing. It is an important factor that affects the quality of the feed. Therefore, it is very important to choose a suitable mixer in this way.

Go to see the feed mixer machine if you want.

Key Equipment----Pellet Machine:
The design of pelleting process is an important factor affecting the quality of aquatic feed. The extruder equipment used in production is mainly a single-screw extruder, which can be divided into dry way and wet way.
Most of the extruder equipment used today is dry and wet. The extruder can produce floating, sinking, slow sinking feed and semi-moist feed, which can adapt to the feeding requirements of various aquatic animals.
Recommend to see the fish feed extruder machine in LIMA.

The pellets just produced are wet. In order to better flavor them later, the pellets need to be dried to facilitate storage.

Any questions, you can come to lima contact.

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