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Taylor/Morris highlights the second round"
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Сообщение Taylor/Morris highlights the second round" 
To celebrate March Madness — and occupy ourselves with the NFL Draft still weeks away — the Big Blue View staff has selected and seeded the top 64 players in Giants history.They will continue to face off tournament-style with you picking the winners White Rhett Ellison Jerseys , culminating in the Giant you choose as the greatest of all-time. Fifth-seeded Charlie Conerly held off a strong challenge from 12th-seeded Jeremy Shockey by taking 54 percent of the vote in the closest pairing of The Parcells Region first round.The quarterback will face fourth-seeded Chris Snee in the second round.The other first-round winners were top-seeded Lawrence Taylor, second-seeded Emlen Tunnell, third-seeded Y.A. Tittle Rhett Ellison Jerseys 2019 , Snee, sixth-seeded Amani Toomer, seventh-seeded Leonard Marshall and eighth-seeded Joe Morris.Voting for the second round ends March 27.Here are the matchups: The Giants could be close to adding another piece to an offense that could use the help. Unless they aren’t.The agent for former Vikings tackle-guard Mike Remmers just tweeted out word that his visit with the Giants went well.“Mike Remmers just wrapped up a great visit with the New York Giants White Calvin Munson Jerseys ,” agent Brett Tessler wrote. “Very good chance we could be getting something done with them in the not too distant future.Moments later, Tessler followed up with the following.“Just to clarify, nothing imminent between Mike Remmers and the New York Giants Calvin Munson Jerseys 2019 ,” he wrote. “The interest is mutual and we will be staying in touch. Good chance something could happen a little further down the road.”While negotiations often take turns like this, it seems like a good fit. Giants General Manager Dave Gettleman has background with Remmers from their days in Carolina, and the Giants could use some help at right tackle.

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